Rivamar is a company that has been dealing with fishing sector for over twenty years, with a particular experience in freezing and deep-freezing of several fish recipes, in particular:

  • Frozen crustaceans and mollusks
  • Frozen dried salted cod and Nordic cod
  • Stockfish from Lofoten Island
  • Italian frozen mussels and clams
  • Adriatic frozen squillas
  • Tempura

Our services

Private label and customer brand for large retailers
We provide specifically-tailored food recipes following our customers specifications thanks to our know-how.

Catering business
Our products are suitable for restaurants which demand regular dishes with an excellent price/quality ratio. Our priority is to provide high-quality food by getting a good value for money.

Business door-to-door sales
Our door-to-door sales always meet quality requirements thanks to our continuous market research.

Our products

Our Quality

Our art of bringing into the Italians houses various products (from the stock-fish to mollusks, from the seafood mixture to shellfishes) is made up of strict and continual procedures, in particular of those security rules that Rivamar has adopted as its owns and follows with particular steadiness to guarantee in several occasions a greater standard from the one required by the current regulations. From the temperature control during the various manufacturing phases to the cold chain cycles, Rivamar guarantees an absolute attention for the quality of its products, a meticulous attention that contributes to maintain the maximum level of security and hygiene from the preparation to the packaging of its products.

Conscious of the market challenges, the Rivamar directors are always ready to guarantee a fundamental plus, that is the punctuality. In fact, the cold chain is always completed respecting the delivery times and the ways expected by the costumers. One of the unanimously recognized abilities of the company is the capacity to avoid supply decrease mitigating the normal cycles of ichthyic products availability thanks to a large and wide net that makes Rivamar partner of absolute reliability.

Our Certifications

Rivamar has always paid great attention to the guarantee of food quality and safety to its own customers. For this reason, the company has recognized the need to certify its qualitative hygienic standards with the international certifications BRC and IFS, which are essential to work with large retailers.
In order to obtain the above-mentioned certifications, gained recording the highest score, Rivamar has been controlled in its:

  • Allergens
  • Rooms cleanliness and disinfection
  • Supplier qualification
  • Traceability
  • Incidents management, product collection and recall
  • Chemical and physical contamination
  • Staff hygiene
  • Vocational training
  • Wrappers and packaging
  • Storage and transport

Rivamar Overview

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